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Francesco Costanzo, Ph.D.


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• Brain Biomechanics and Mechanical Behavior of Biological Tissues
• Computational Microacoustofluidics
• Fluid-Structure Interaction and Transport Problems in Biology and Medicine
• Computational Mechanics
• Multi-scale Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials with Complex Micro/Nano-Structure
• Time Dependent Fracture and Damage Mechanics of Composites
• Molecular Dynamics
• Continuum Thermodynamics
• Heterogeneous Systems with Evolving Interfaces
• Micromechanics and Homogenization of Inelastic Composites 

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Francesco Costanzo, Ph.D.
Center for Neural Engineering
W-315 Millenium Science Complex
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 1-814-863-2030
Fax: 1-814-865-9974

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