Graduate Student Supervision

Professor Costanzo has advised or is advising the following graduate students in Engineering Mechanics: 



Student Degree Date of Degree Title of Thesis Role
Anthony A. Caiazzo Ph.D. 5/99 Computational Methods for the Determination of the Effective Constitutive Relations of Composite Materials with Growing Cracks Chair
Pedro Andia M.S. 12/00 A Discrete-Continuum Approach to the Mechanical Properties of Thin Films Chair
Hao Huang Ph.D. 5/02 A Space-Time Finite Element Method for the Modeling of Dynamic Fracture In Elastic Materials with and without Cohesive Zones Chair
Jaehoon Song Ph.D. 01/04 Fatigue of Cord-Rubber Composites Co-Chair
Scott T. Miller M.S. 8/04 A Space-Time Finite Element Method For Second Order Hyperbolic Problems Chair
Pedro C. Andia Ph.D. 5/05 Estimation of Continuum-Level Thermo-Elastic Properties of Thin Films From Molecular Dynamics Simulations Co-Chair
Charles L. Randow Ph.D. 12/05 Nonlinear Elastic and Cosserat Deformation Theory of Thin Films Co-Chair
Thomas J. Yurick Ph.D. 12/05 Molecular Dynamics for the Prediction of the Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Thin Films Co-Chair
Jonathan S. Pitt Ph.D. 08/09 A Brittle Damage Model in Thermoelastodynamics Chair
Saswati Roy Ph.D. 12/12 Numerical Simulation Using the Generalized Immersed Finite Ele- ment Method: An Application to Hydrocephalus Co-Chair
Nitesh Nama Ph.D. 12/17∗ Immersed Finite Element Methods in Computational Microacoustoflu- idics for the Determination of Cell Mechanical Biomarkers Co-Chair
Zhangming Mao Ph.D. 12/17∗ 3D Manipulation of Cells using Microacoustofluidics Co-Chair
Sen Lin M.S. 12/16∗ Monolithic ALE Scheme Using the Deal.II Library Co-Chair
Nabankur Dasgupta Ph.D. 12/19∗ To be determined in the field of Molecular Dynamics Applications in Chemistry Co-Chair
Devon Boyd Ph.D. 12/19∗ Evolution of the Mechanical and Transport Properties of Scaffolds for Nerve Regeneration during Biodegradation Chair
Amel Awadelkarim M.S. (IUG)† 5/17∗ FEM Modeling of Blood Clot Response during Acute Stroke Chair

∗Expected graduation date.

†IUG stands for Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate Program. Ms. Awadelkarim will complete her undergraduate baccalaureate degree in May 2016 and continue directly with her M.S. degree to be completed May 2017.